Vectron America Signs West Islip Business Machines!

Vectron America, the North American subsidiary of industry leader Vectron Germany, has just signed a reseller agreement with West Islip Business Machines establishing a sound alliance in a new market.

WIBM has been a supplier of business machines in the American hospitality / retail industry since 1977, and is located in West Babylon, New York. WIBM’s owner, Jim Giordano, expresses his views on the market and on this new collaboration with Vectron America as follows:
‘As it is well known, the conditions of the competition are very tough in this sector. In light of this, we see a great need for signing cooperation agreements with other companies that have proven sucess in the sector in order to merge our key strengths together.
We are extremely confident that this new business relationship we have formed with the Vectron brand will improve our position in the market and bring us a win and success specifically through a new product named DuratecS14, which makes a difference with its ease of use, robust and stylish design, and an embedded hardware with a long life span, and also it’s competitive price; it is considered to be the best option for the American market.”

With it’s online reporting and mobile-compatable-order-taking framework DuratecS14 is the leading product option for Table/Quick Service Restaurant market. As a result of this Reseller agreement with WIBM, Vectron has taken another important step towards consolidating a leading position in POS systems.
Vectron has made a significant difference in the POS systems sector since 1990 with its service for both software and hardware, and it continues to grow by means of its quality and customer oriented vision. When smart POS systems and easy-to-use software systems are taken into consideration, the first name that comes to mind is Vectron. Vectron draws a unique brand profile by offering high quality products and additional software for restaurants, by giving comprehensive additional services, and by offering competitive solutions to restaurant owners who have varying needs for POS systems. Vectron assures its position as the sector leader in both the European and American markets through successful developments of several industry leading products.

At Vectron America we see it as our mission to strengthen our company, a pioneer in the industry, by using the most recent innovations to attain happy and satisfied customers, and by using our reliable and permanent solutions for their problems. It is our purpose to abide by commercial ethics, prove our reliability, and illustrate the kind of priority we give to our customers, through giving excellent service and providing quality products while we aim to continue to improve and innovate.

Vectron America is thrilled to be introducing a product that is proven to have been bringing success to restaurants all around the world, and is now available for the first time in the North-American market.

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