Table Service

Vectron America offers an incredible Table Service POS solution that meets all of your needs. We have designed the technology to work efficiently, while still being very easy-to-use. Our POS software enhances restaurant’s bottom line tremendously with its many features, such as: real-time sales reports, tip tracking, and catering deposits. Help us help you make your customers satisfied.

Increased Efficiency

Vectron America’s POS system allows for smooth and proficient service. We have designed the interface to be very easy-to-use, allowing for new staff members to get accustomed to the system very quickly. Customer’s orders are sent directly to the kitchen, which in turn cuts down wait time, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Detailed Tracking

Our POS system displays integrated reports, giving restaurant owners the capability to track their company’s progress and activity. Necessary information gets updated frequently, such as the most popular dishes, the least popular drinks, rush hour times, etc. Reporting features such as: real-time sales statistics, item counters, and stock updates allows for owners to always be updated on the performance of their restaurant, resulting in swift action in case any changes need to be made.

Enriched Communication

With our Table Service POS solution, the concept of broken communication between the wait staff and the kitchen no longer exists. With its up-to-date software, the staff members on the floor are always made aware of what is taking place within the kitchen, such as which menu items are low in stock. In addition, the waiters/waitresses can “fire” tickets in advance so that the kitchen staff can prepare a meal earlier. These are just a few of the many features that our Table Service POS system offers.

Table Service

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