Vectron POS was installed by Fort Worth Cash Register to Gracebridge Resale

The North American subsidiary of Vectron, Vectron America signed a reseller agreement and the owner David Williams sold 12 terminals immediately…

“They were using Casio QT6600. I developed that program and it evolved over several years around the capabilities of the 6600 I had not found another POS that could duplicate it as needed until Vectron” said, David. He also added, “Unless you went into a PC- based system, then there are many thrift store programs in the USA but then you have Windows issues, virus, hacks, etc.”

He likes the Vectron POS Touch 14’s power and flexibility. Gracebridge Resale has two stores now and third one will open next year.

With Vectron Commander, the customer can summarize the reports of the two stores at the company HQ and look at the retrospective reports for the statistics of the stores.

You can add macros and you can do different discounts to different item groups in one check like the Gracebridge Resale does.

As a reseller, you can connect to your customer’s terminals to solve the problem without asking for terminal connection information while the customer’s terminals still work.

With its online reporting, mobile feature, and many other features of the embedded software, the Vectron POS Touch 14 is your customer’s best friend.

Vectron has been in the POS market since 1990, and with more than 240,000 customers, it is a company that has the knowledge, the experience of the market, and the craftsmanship of German engineering.

Vectron America is excited to introduce a product that has proven successful in restaurants around the world and is now available on the North American market. For more details on the Vectron POS Touch 14 from Vectron America, to learn why it is the POS of choice for restaurants around the world, and to find out how you can become a reseller, please contact us at 1-800-287-6087 or visit our website at