Counter Service

Our POS solution doesn’t do the cooking for you, but it instead helps deliver properly cooked meals much quicker. Vectron’s POS solution allows for restaurant staff to utilize swipe gestures, as well as drag and drops to take their customers’ orders, while still being able to attend to all of the restaurant’s needs.

Updated Ordering: Insert orders quickly, while minimizing line holdups. Updated Sales Report: Keep track of your restaurant’s financial performance with up-to-date sales reports.

Customizable Software

With our Counter Service POS Solution, owners have the capability to customize their screen layout based on order volume, menu item trends, or personal preference.

Consolidate Your Records

Restaurants no longer have to worry about updating their menu items within each store. Our POS solution allows restaurant owners to not only make changes to their menu for all of their locations, but it gives the capability to analyze weekly performance, as well menu item trends.

Self-Ordering for Customers

As a means of enhancing customer satisfaction, we designed our technology to allow customers the option of not having to wait in line to order from the menu. Our POS system gives customers the opportunity to place orders that are sent directly to the kitchen—afterwards a staff member will notify them once their order is complete.

Table Service

Counter Service

Take Out