Take Out

Vectron America’s Takeaway POS solutions help improve customer satisfaction through a series of features. Our POS system gives owners the capability to keep track of exactly which menu items are selling well, allowing owners to make necessary changes when needed. Whether orders are being made by walk-in customers, or over the phone, when utilizing our system, restaurants are able to operate at the utmost efficiency at all times.

Stock Control

Restaurants owners are able to stay up-to-date to know the amount of ingredients that are still in stock, while also being able to analyze which menu items are selling well, and which items aren’t.

Informed Business Decisions

With real-time sales reports, owners are able to make more informed businesses decisions based which menu items sell best during certain seasons.

Mobile Payments

Our POS solution allows for better coordination for restaurant’s front and back-of-house operations, by establishing a direct line of communication between the kitchen and the floor staff.

Unique Caller ID Software

Vectron’s America’s POS solution for Takeaway Services lets drivers to not only have the customer’s number displayed on their mobile device, but complete integration to our POS system allows drivers to be able to view the customer’s address, postal code, as well as their order history.

Table Service

Counter Service

Take Out