Back Office SW

With Vectron Control, you establish the connection between your Vectron POS system and your Windows PC quickly and easily. The back-office software offers numerous possibilities, from data access to central POS programming and useful control functions. Optimizing your placement planning and analyzing department and PLU reports is made significantly easier.

We offer 3 distinct versions of the back office software:

  • Standard: Allows for the enabling of central POS programming (i.e. Amending of PLU data and prices.
  • Standard With Report Option: Allows for the ability to perform more extensive evaluations, coupled with reporting options.

Features Include:

  • Seamless programming of POS system with Windows PC’s
  • PC and POS system via cable or Internet
  • Reports with all important report types, such as:
  • Department report
  • PLU report
  • Media report
  • Finance report
  • Hourly report
  • Operator report
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